I was introduced to clay hand-building during my studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota under the tutelage of Victoria Christen. Although I explored other mediums towards a Studio Art minor, clay left an enduring impression.

After relocating to San Francisco several years later, I returned to the art via community clay handbuilding classes, continuing to expand my knowledge as well as practice various techniques. It was through these classes that my “pod” obsession sprouted - inspired both by the flora from my native homeland, Guam, and my archaeological studies at Macalester.

Eventually I ended up at "The Clay Studio" where I was able to rent my own studio space to further focus on the form and also begin sharing my work via Artspan’s annual Open Studios. I found a great community of fellow artists at this space, and when the studio closed in 2011, I joined them at their new place called “sfclayworks” in the Bayview neighborhood.

While art is not my day job, I consider it an integral part of life and hope my work inspires others to nurture their own creative spirit.